A spacious Kalyana Katta or place for offering hair is to the west of the Main temple
  • The place where pilgrims fulfill their vow of tonsure is called Kalyana Katta. Over 95 barbers, operating in two batches, are available at KalyanaKatta, to perform tonsure.
  • To reduce the waiting time for tonsure during the peak season, over 10 additional barbers are engaged.
  • The building is equipped with big tonsure halls and a side balcony tonsure halls with platforms to seat both the pilgrim and the barber. There are four waiting compartments and a well-organised queue system.
  • Antiseptics are mixed with water and applied to the head before tonsuring to prevent skin-related and other diseases.
  • Bathrooms, with geysers for hot water, are provided for the pilgrims who have their heads tonsured in the cottages.
  • A computerised system is in place to issue tokens for tonsure

v Bathing places have been arranged at Kesakhandanasala.

vDress changing rooms for women have been  provided near bathing area(Kalyana Katta)

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