Gold plating of Sri Venkateswaraswamy vari Vimanagopuram.

Gold plating of Sri Venkateswaraswamy vari Vimanagopuram.

DwarakaTirumala is a most famous ancient holy place which was familiar from Tretayuga onwards. During Tretayuga Emperor Aja Maharaj grand father of lord Sreerama worshipped this presiding deity.
There is staunch belief among the devotees that their desires are fulfilled by worshipping this deity. This place is popularly known from centuries as Chinnatirupathi.
Brief description of Vimanagopuram. 
The sanctity of its towering roof (The central deity’s shrine) is also called the Vimanam. Generally we cannot praise so significance as the outer Gopurams where the Gopuram of the main shrine occupies vital role in the temple’s history as well as identity or significance. 
Sastras state that- “ If the devotees  who cannot  get Darshan of the deity due to unexpected circumstances, they could have the  same result through vimanam from far away.”
Considering the above sanctity and in view of such a great auspicious history of Chinna Tirupathi Devasthanam, it is proposed to provide gold plating to the Vimanagopuram, collecting donations from devotees.  Devotees can donate minimum amount of Rs. 1116/- or above in the below various ways.

Demand Draft/ Cheques / Pay order
In favor of the 
“ Executive officer , Sri Venkateswara swamyvari Devasthanam, Dwaraka Tirumala, West Godavari District, A.P

Online Fund Transfer into Current Acc

Current A/c No.010710100058873    

Online Donations through website


Donation to the above scheme can be done thorugh APONLINE counters across the state of Andhra Pradesh click here to viewlist of aponline centers
Note: - Devotees can donate gold also to the. Gold plating of Sri Venkateswaraswamy vari Vimanagopuram scheme